Monday, May 25, 2015

The Post Human that Therefore I am (My Story)

I woke up and the room was dark. I got up and decided that I was hungry so I had to go find food. as I left the confinements in which I awoke to, I went off on  my search for something to eat. I stumbled upon a place where humans come out with food, I assumed it was food since they were eating it. I entered and then someone asked me for an "ID" the only thing I had on me was a little, square, flat object so I gave them that. They let me through and I saw different types of food. I went to get a "bowl" as the others were calling it and served these little colorful rings that i was suppose to add milk to. It was simple but also satisfying. ( I went to go eat cereal)

1 comment:

  1. The way I imagine this was you were in a concentration camp and you were awoken by a bell that you didn't hear and someone dragged you into a room where everyone was supposedly eating. They you were taken to a place where these strange colorful ring were dispensed into this "bowl" and a magic white liquid was pour over them and you sat and ate not even knowing what it was your eating. And for all you know it could have been your last bite...