Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In today's section at the end of class we discussed Bentham and Spigels writings. I found it very interesting to see their points of view and more specifically Spigels writing. I really like the way she brought in the texts and how the text from Virgina:
"I am sure they could never become happier
people than I find here...No tribe of people
has ever passed from barbarism to
civilization whose progress has been
more secure from harm, more genial
to their character, or better supplied with
mild and beneficent guardianship, adapted to 
the actual state of their intellectual feebleness,
than the Negros of Swallow Barn. And from what
I can gather, it is pretty much the same on the
other estates in this region"
I would like to see either your opinion, or maybe, why you see people justifying slavery as a benefit. I think the only reason people justify it is, in a similar way that Samantha said, is that we don't want to be apart of it and simply turn a blind eye to it. What are your thoughts?

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