Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This was our in-class activity regarding to different passages in black beauty. This specific passage was the very last page on chapter 26, where Black Beauty is narrating after his fall from the pain of having to gallop through the stone ridden earthen floor. This is my interpretation of the excerpt without Black Beauty`s compassionate thoughts towards the injured, human rider.

Black Beauty:
 "Pain. Such horrible pain. The searing, the burning, it is too great.
I am trying to hold on, I am trying, I AM TRYING! I cant!
I hit the floor upon my knees, distracting me from the unbearable pain of the hooves atop the rough stone.
In quick fashion, I limp to the stone free road.
I stand their, with a slight wilt in stance, suffering in my silent pain, as horses do.
I stood listening to the night, its calm and silence reminding me of a time before pain, before bad people.
I looked up at the clear night sky, pondering the nights like these I spent with my mother, in the green breezy meadow."

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