Friday, June 5, 2015

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish

A few nights ago I was watch The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with some friends and the clip above is the opening scene of the movie. Although this song and opening monologue are meant to be satirical, it brought up a lot of ideas that we discussed in section regarding "intelligence", communication, and overall human and nonhuman animal interactions. The opening monologue states that humans were the third most intelligent species on the planet (even though they thought they were the most intelligent) behind dolphins who were the second most intelligent. This was an interesting concept because it was the first time I thought about how this movie was referring to intelligence in terms of  "human intelligence" and yet they were still classifying dolphins as more intelligent. Then the question of what if something like this were to actually happen popped into my head. Scientifically speaking dolphins do use more of their brains than humans do, so what if dolphins (or any other animals) knew of an impending catastrophe due to their intelligence or deeper connection with the world around us and tried to warn us but could not because of human ignorance and communication barriers that humans also neglect. This was such a new outlook on this scene that I am very happy this course enabled me to have.

Mice were #1 on the list because they're inter-dimensional scientists.

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