Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Animal Testing.

It always feels that animal testing and "research" is always spoken about more of the topic in health, but I came across this picture and realized that many animals are always being harmed for humans personal appearance. It makes no sense to cause harm these animals, but what makes even less sense is that we are not paying attention to the fact that if these animals are being harmed but the products meant for our faces what makes anyone think that it would harm us? It may not be right away but there is something wrong that is going on with make up if animals are being hurt this way and eventually humans maybe hurt the same way.

 Around my first year of college a wrote a paper against animal experimentation, I remember reading that there may not be much positive feedback on results because animals and humans are similar but still different. For things to be given the best results testing would need to be done on humans, if they know it's not right for humans that should be a sign it isn't correct to harm these animals.


  1. I agree that there is a something ethically wrong with animal experimentation, especially when the product that is being tested is meant for humans. In my opinion it seems counterintuitive to be testing a product if there's suspicion that it is harmful. Considering that nonhuman animals are in some ways similar but still different from humans, the results are inconclusive. It's not a safe bet to assume a reaction to a certain type of product is the same for all kinds of species. I think the problem is slowly being addressed because I've seen companies promote their products as being animal cruelty free. This is a step towards protecting animals against these crime.

  2. I agree with this. The fact that it hurts animals just for a miniscual benefit of appearance for humans really makes the human race seem quite selfish. The justification by humans around these actions don't seem quite apparent but Marjorie Spiegel talks about it. We pretend not to see the pain that is caused so that our happiness isn't effected. Its like taking your kids to the zoo. Sure you enjoy it but nobody ever really stops and thinks that these poor animals are trapped on site. They are stripped of one of humans most valuable assets in their freedom. These animals have no freedom but it does not cross our minds because we want to be able to enjoy it. Once again, the animals suffer. This is a reoccurring issue and I think that Spiegel addresses it well if you want to go back and read her writing, "In Defense of Slave Summary."

    So how do we fix such a thing? We cannot really in our lifetime. At least I don't think. We are too stubborn as a race. It would take a lot of realization and efforts on our parts to change such a big issue. Even the littlest things in our daly lifes justify these actions. This includes eating a cheeseburger, watching Madagascar the movie with your kids, or even going to the zoo. These are things that can be part of the average person's daly life. Sure we can do little things like pass legislation laws to not allow cruelty to animals but fixing this would require a big change in society. I don't even know where we would start

  3. To understand why we allow this kind of testing to happen we must first explore the word "exploit." As defined by the Meriam-Webster dictionary to exploit means, "to use (someone or something) in a way that helps you unfairly." Firstly the world "unfairly" is most prevalent in my mind when I read this definition. When we test on the animals we are constantly treating them unfairly. It's unfair the way we take away their freedoms, the ways we abuse them physically, and the ways we profit off of them. For a person to contest that that these treatments towards animals are fair, they must have a philosophy or complex deciding that animals are meant to be treated in this way.

    So yes there are people who feel superior towards non-human animals, but there are many people who still find these treatments to be unfair and choose to do nothing about it! I do not understand completely why people choose to do nothing, but I have my observations. Firstly, the majority of people don't like to hold each other accountable for their actions. Secondly many people don't think that much can be done to help, or just completely lack the motivation to do so!!

    So for the sake of motivation, education, and our ability to catalyze action I will hold people accountable for what they say and do! Christopher Espino you commented above me and I completely disagree with what you said in your second paragraph! You believe that we cannot fix most of what is going on, you state that everyone is stubborn, and it appears you lack either the compassion or motivation to do anything to help animals. Further dissecting your paragraph you state that “cheese burgers” and “zoos” are enough justification for animal cruelty. This statement is so ridiculous to me that I actually think your writing inhibited you from getting your point across accurately. What you can do help stop animal cruelty is to not participate in things that incur such cruelty. Cheese burgers, leather couches, and animal tested fragrances are all things you can cut out of your life that would DRASTICALLY change the lives of MANY animals. You state, "Sure we can do little things like pass legislation laws..." In no way is a legislation law a "little thing".

    For people to help change the way we treat animals, we must first be vocal about how we feel towards them. That Is why I am so happy with this class and these discussions. It is so lovely to see people like Christopher and I be able to express our feelings towards animals. If I have come off angry or upset in this comment, it is only directed towards myself. Angry that I am not vocal enough about my views, and upset that many people don't have the support from me to change the world. #VeganChillen