Tuesday, June 2, 2015

" You can't replace a dog like that, "


I was browsing through social media when I came across this. It's heart breaking to see that animals are being left in someone else's care and paid yet the amount of attention being given to them is still far to little. The article explains that the person left the dog unattended in a heating cage to go to a graduation, it's understandable that an event like that is very important but the life of this animal is very important as well. It may have been an "accident" but its clear that an animal is not suppose to be left alone in a cage like that, even if it was set to turn off soon someone else should had been there to make sure it did. This family is hurting the loss of a family member, they went to Petco from what it seems like many years and the amount of trust that has been lost is painful. It is very important to realize where you are leaving your loved pets. In whose care are you leaving them and if you truly believe the person is trustworthy because you may trust someone yet something that could definitely been avoided happens and it's very hard to come back from that.


  1. I think that pet owners assume some sort of superiority over their non human animals. THis is a problematic assumption because it leads humans to commit injustices such as leaving their pets in a hot car for hours on end. No adult would leave a child alone in a car like that, it is time to shift our mentality regarding humans superiority over non human animals.

  2. I disagree. People do leave their children in hot cars for hours on end. My mom used to leave m sister and I in the car when she went to the store and never thought twice about it. Now, I am not saying that it is right to leave your animals is a car but, I wouldn't say that NO ADULT would leave a child alone, because it happens all the time.