Monday, April 27, 2015

Human importance?

As we were watching the Ted Talk video in class today, I started to ponder over a few important questions. What important roles do humans play in nature? If humans did not exist would the planet still be able to survive?  This thought came into my head as Klein was talking about in the video that humans try to present the idea of killing off species that are "useless" such as crows. Well that got me thinking. If crows are considered useless then aren't humans useless as well? What important role do we actual play in nature? We as humans only degrade and pollute this earth anyways. So many animals provide humans support to live, and all we do as humans is make it difficult for species to be themselves and live as they were made to. One important example of an animal we often neglect is the bee. Bees provide us with honey and also pollinate flowers. Without them humans would probably have a difficult time surviving. We often kill bees in our homes or anywhere we think they do no belong simply because we are afraid of what they are capable of, or even sometimes because society has programmed us to believe that all insects are gross and useless. So the real question is why don't we find our real importance, and instead of being useless be useful to nature?


  1. I have definitely thought of that too? What do humans contribute to the planet. As far as we know we are harming the natural world. I think the planet would have thrived without us humans consuming products from the natural world. It could also be possible that some extinct species would still be alive.

  2. The above article discusses crows from the viewpoint of humans as being useless, but from the viewpoint of another animal there may be an entirely different opinion. The human viewpoint just so happens to be a viewpoint that dominates the earth giving it the illusion that removing other species is the "right" thing to do.