Thursday, April 23, 2015

This is an article which I found that discusses the relationship humans have had with animals throughout history.  In Mackenzie Cooley's new exhibit located at Stanford university has a large collection of multiple books in order to show and make more people aware of our historical relationship to animals through rare books.
This exhibit is open now through the 22 of august and if anyone has a chance to go see it I think it would be very interesting and directly is connected to this class. It discusses the human races dependence on animals and the products we have created out of bodies of different animals.

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  1. Here's the full link:

    Cooley mentions that our ancestors had a better relationship with animals that we do now. I wonder in what ways did our ancestors interact with wild animals. If animals weren't used as food or labor, but as a companion, would that make that animal domesticated? As Cooley mentioned that we shouldn't use our pets to view the animal kingdom, would this be because they are domesticated? It was mentioned in lecture on 4/22 that cats aren't really domesticated and that there is no difference between a wildcat and a house cat. Can we then use a cat as an example to view the animal kingdom since that is the way cats are in nature. It would be interesting to learn more about the relationships of cats and humans.